Smartphone Reviews

Review: Sony Xperia Z1

It was only back in February we were reviewing the Xperia Z from Sony and now we have the successor to the popular device which is titled Xperia Z1, but don’t let the subtle name change confused you. While the new device shares a design critique and name, the specs on this device are a […]...More


Review: Samsung Galaxy S4

It’s that time of the year again folks.. May, hope, oh spring… nope. Oh it’s the next Galaxy S device being launched. That’s the one!! Yes, Samsung have released their latest smartphone to the word and by latest smartphone of course I mean the Galaxy S4. The new device drops the roman numerals and uses the simple […]...More


Review: HTC One

The HTC ONE!!!!!! finally I have my hands on the new HTC One that has already taken the world by storm with its good looks. HTC have had some financial trouble the past year or so, but that hasn’t stopped them from pushing out another flagship device. This time we are seeing some impressive things […]...More


Review: Sony Xperia Z

Sony are back again with a new flagship smartphone and this time around it’s dubbed the Xperia Z. The latest smartphone includes stand out specs like a 5-inch 1920 x 1080 TFT display, 13MP camera with HDR Video and the fact it’s water resistant and dust proof. These specs alone make it the top contender […]...More