Review: Otterbox Defender for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Ntoe 3 Otterbox feature
The Otterbox Defender series offer some of the best protection your smartphone can get and we’re here to take a look at the Defender series for the Galaxy Note 3, which as a large device, requires somewhat decent protection from those nasty falls. Since this is a cover a review, we will keep it short and start with a gallery of the cover and clip it comes with and move on to the conclusion.

The Defender Cover


Most covers aim to be pretty and protective, with the former being more important in most areas. The Defender series from Otterbox is all about protection and the aim for this cover is to keep your actual device immaculate and stop scratches, dents, chips and cracks, the type of issues that are inevitable with something you use every day.

Otterbox don’t pull any punches with the Defender series and it offers a complete protection for the entire Note 3 device. While the cover adds a bit of bulk all around, it comes with a piece of mind that protection is number one and that’s were the Defender series is aimed. Users who want a decent smartphone in areas that it would normally be likely to get damaged. Design wise is identical to previous Defender series covers and they fit the device perfectly and once fitted, you will notice the difference and a simple drop has pretty much no chance of damaging the device. During our testing, the phone wasn’t any harder to user, but grip was actually a little easier, thanks to the extra bulk. The built-in screen protector didn’t cause any issues with finger touches or with the s-pen.

We gladly recommend the Defender series for the Note 3 for anyone looking to protect their phone more than just make it look pretty and offer limited protection. So if you want to make sure you don’t have to buy a new screen the next time you drop your phone, than make sure to check out the Defender series from Otterbox as it will put up a good fight against the ground if you happen to drop your phone.

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