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We have said it before and with another case review, we will say it again. If you have a smartphone worth a couple of hundred this or that then it important to have it protected and we say this about every phone because it’s the difference between breaking your phone or not when dropping it and let’s be honest, we all drop our phones once and a while.

UAG are extremely popular covers for the their unique urban and tough style design and great protection. So let’s jump straight into the review and take a look at their line-up for the Note 3.






A simple word can be used describe UAG covers and that’s consistency. The design and quality is identical to previous covers released by UAG, besides the previous Note 2 release which saw a different design, but all other covers from UAG share the same tough urban look. They look amazing and over great protection exactly like before and that’s what you want from a cover.

However, that being said sadly there is an issue with the UAG covers for the Note 3 this time around. Mainly due to an oversight on UAG’s part with its design.

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The above image gives you an idea of the issue in question. The hole you can see on the lower right corner of the Note 3 is actually one of the noise cancelling microphones, basically this allows the Note 3 to suppress background noise when making a call, simple right? The problem as you may already be aware is that the cover doesn’t actually provide a cut out for the microphone, meaning it will not be able to do its job correctly and will negatively impact your call. Sadly this is a pretty big oversight from UAG, which is shocking due to their general consistency with quality. However,  we didn’t actually notice any difference in call quality at either end of the call, so while we didn’t notice any negative effect, we can’t say for certain that everyone will experience the same results.


UAG have already corrected the mistake and all orders will receive a perfect cover with the added microphone cut out. They will also replace any orders for those who received a cover with the missing microphone cut out.

Overall, we are pleased with the covers from UAG, and the series for the Note 3 fall into the positive category and the cover is as solid as previous covers from UAG and offer excellent protection, and in our books that is more important that nice design, but regardless, UAG have nailed both with their series of covers, including the extra padding on the corners in case of drops and the honeycomb sides for extra grip. Ultimately we are pleased with the cover and and gladly recommend it for those looking for a stylish design, but also protection of their smartphone being one of the main points.

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