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Microsoft removing gold requirement on apps and bringing games with gold to the Xbox One


Microsoft today announced that apps like Netflix, Sky Go, and YouTube will no longer require users to have an active Xbox Live gold subscription. This should please a lot of Xbox owners as it allows them to use their Xbox for more than just gaming.

Microsoft also finally announced games with gold for the Xbox One, which launches this June. Unlike on the Xbox 360, the program, is a subscription based offering, meaning games you buy are only yours while your a hold subscriber, much like Sony’s offerings on the PS3 and PS4. The first titles that will be available on the Xbox One in June for free are Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault. Other Xbox One titles will be included in the Deals with Gold scheme as well which including Forza Motorsport  5 and Ryse: Son of Rome.


Microsoft’s Xbox Marc Whitten has left for a position in Sonos


Chief Product officer of Xbox Marc Whitten has announced he has left Microsoft to become Chief Product Officer of Sonos. Whitten has worked at Microsoft for 14 years, joining the Xbox Team in 2000 has obviously been a big part of the Xbox franchise since then and has been behind all three consoles and Xbox Live itself. We have included the statement released by Whitten regarding his departure below, along with with a link to the official statement from Microsoft.

I started at Xbox on April 1, 2000, when the console was just a vision of what gaming could be. Over the last fourteen years, I’ve worked with an amazing team of highly passionate people who are driven to make gaming and entertainment the best experience for our Xbox fans. Since then, we’ve shipped over a hundred million consoles with tens of millions of people on Xbox Live. And, we are just getting started.  There are amazing things on the horizon and I am so excited to see where this talented group of men and women will take Xbox.
One of the best parts of Xbox has been its fans. I want to thank you for making Xbox what it is today and what it will be in the future.
Since the beginning, it’s always been about gamers.  In my heart, I am a gamer and Xbox has been my family. While today I am announcing my departure from Microsoft, I have the utmost confidence in this amazing team and our products.
See you on Xbox.
Marc Whitten

Gamertag – Notwen




Aaaands it’s gone, Microsoft points are history with real currency finally taking over

microsoft points
It’s finally official with Microsoft pushing an Xbox 360 update today that has removed the use of Microsoft points completely. All purchases will now be done in local currency instead of Microsoft virtual one. All existing points and points renewed in the future will simply be converted to their cash equivalent so those worrying about points they have yet to redeem need not fear. You can check out more information about the change and the regions affected by the update with the source link below.



Microsoft shares stance on used game policy, won’t charge a fee, but third party developers might

Microsoft have finally share the information that has been having people pretty much go nuts over about how the Xbox One will handle used games. Rumors for some time now have gone from Microsoft not supporting used games at all to them charging  a fee. Well they have finally burst the bubble on the rumors and confirm they will not be charging users a used game fee.

The fact still remains that selling used games will require a user to bring it to a corresponding retailer to simply remove the game from their account. This is due to the fact that games installed on the Xbox One will not require the disc to play it. Instead, the user will simply have to sign in every 24 hours to pretty much update their account with new information and to confirm you still have the correct license to play the game.

However, details from Microsoft state that it will be up to the third part whether or not the resale of games is allowed and it is also up to them if they wish to “set up business terms or transfer fees with retailers”. Microsoft have also stated they do not receive any compensation as part of this. The option for third party developers to allow users to give their games to friends is also allowed, however Microsoft failed to state whether they will include the option on their own games. It would be nice if Microsoft forced the ability to trade games on all developers, but perhaps they don’t want to anger developers too much by giving them the option.

“Loaning or renting games won’t be available at launch, but we are exploring the possibilities with our partners.”

So basically if you planned on renting a few games at launch, think again, hopefully Microsoft won’t take too long to implement this type of feature. Perhaps 24/48 hour codes for game for renting purposes, but chances are Microsoft will implement this for themselves on Xbox live and sadly bricks and mortar stores will not have the option or for that matter online retailers that rent games through the post.  Check out the source link below and look forward to E3 which starts next week.

Source: Xbox Wire


Microsoft announce next generation console: The Xbox One

Xbox_Consle_Sensr_controllr_F_TransBG_RGB_2013Microsoft have announced the latest Xbox which will be dubbed the Xbox One. The next gen console brings with it a slew of new hardware, software and Xbox live experience. Below is the listed specs released from Microsoft today along with the an image of the new Kinect and Joypad.

Xbox one specs


  • 8 Core CPU
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 500GB Hard Drive
  • Blu-ray Drive
  • 802.11n Wifi with Wi-Fi Direct
  • HDMI In/Out
  • USB 3.0


  • TV on Xbox One. Navigate and watch live TV from your cable, telco or satellite set-top box through your Xbox One. Microsoft is committed to bringing live TV through various solutions to all the markets where Xbox One will be available.3
  • Home. Turn on your entertainment system with two powerful words, “Xbox On,” and a custom-tailored Home dashboard welcomes you with your favorite games, TV and entertainment.
  • Snap. Do two things at once on the biggest screen in your home. Use Snap to jump into a multiplayer battle while watching your favorite movie, chat with friends on Skype while watching live TV, or track your fantasy team on TV as you watch the big game and more.
  • Skype for Xbox One. Specially designed for Xbox One, chat with friends on your TV in stunning HD, or for the first time ever, hold group Skype calls on your TV.
  • Trending. Stay on top of what is hot on TV by discovering the entertainment that is popular among your friends, and see what is trending within the Xbox community.
  • OneGuide. Find your favorite entertainment easily, searching by network, name or time, all with the sound of your voice and presented in a tailored program guide.

The specs pretty much align what we were expecting from the new Xbox along with some added bonuses like better speech recognition,Integrated  Live TV support, instant switching between gaming, TV, internet, music and more. Even the ability to run two applications at the same time with more Smart Glass integration.


The new joypad brings the look of the old one with added more precision buttons and feedback triggers. The entire look will be familiar Xbox 360 controller, but new analog sticks, d-pad.


While Microsoft did show of a lot of the new Xbox One, they are keeping most of it for E3 which is just 19 days away. So we will have to wait until then before we see some more gameplay action.


Xbox turns 10 years old

Today is a special day for Microsoft, It marks the anniversary of the  first step towards the most popular gaming platform today. Exactly 10 years ago today on November 15th 2001, Microsoft launched the Xbox with it games like Halo which was sought after by millions.  Soon after the launch of the original Xbox, Microsoft launched Xbox live and Halo 2, Which brought online gaming to it’s peek and allowed people to play with and against each other from around the world. Continue Reading


Xbox Live dashboard preview program now available

Microsoft have just opened up the Preview program again, Which means the beta for the upcoming fall update is now available. If you wish to register for the update, You may do so by clicking on the link below. The dashboard brings a a good few features, Such as the Metro styled,New design for integrated Kinect and controller navigation, New Beacons to play online with friends, Deeper Facebook integration, New Cloud Storage for Game Saves and Xbox LIVE Profile.

Apply for the preview program


Microsoft issuing permanent bans for ‘Marketplace Theft’

The above picture is what alot of users of Xbox live are currently getting when they sign in there profiles, Apparantly Microsoft are chopping down on permanent bans for something called Marketplace theft, Infact a friend of mine was just banned for the same thing, Microsoft are currently stating that they will not share any information on why any user is banned other than that it was for marketplace theft. My friend was told he was banned permanently and that all his game saves and achievements online were now gone, And there was no way of getting them back and all his purchases were no longer accessible.

This is definitely a big concern for Microsoft, as just by searching the terms Marketplace theft, You will find alot of people that have been banned for such offence extremely upset with Microsoft. Now I’m not sure how well that’s going to work out for Microsoft as it looks like they have banned alot of people for this and it does seem very random, And seeing as that means you no longer have access to any of your purchases that you made with that said account and i can see why some people aren’t going to let this go, Especially seeing as they seem to be surprised for being banned for marketplace theft.

It does seem pretty bad for Microsoft to take money from users over the years for content and then just ban them without foregoing any information on why or infact even proving that person did anything wrong.

All I do know is that if they ban me, I will not be continue to use Xbox live and move to the PS3! I would not like the idea of being banned and have no recourse for an appeal! Also the fact Microsoft won’t share any information has me concerned that this may just be a money making scheme. Thinking the users will just buy there content again!


14 Year old from Dublin attempts Hack on Xbox live

Well now, What do we have here.

‘A DUBLIN schoolboy caused a worldwide alert when he attempted to hack into the Microsoft Xbox system, it has emerged. The 14-year-old from Tallaght was responsible for millions of computer users being alerted after the popular online game Modern Warfare 2 was hacked. Bosses feared sensitive that information about Microsoft’s customers was in danger of being compromised. Continue Reading


Call Of Duty Black Ops Escalation Map Pack Release Today

Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation Map Pack is to be released today. The map pack will only be available on Xbox Live in it’s initial release. It will cost 1200 Microsoft points. It comes with 4 new multilayer maps and a new Zombie map.

As you can see from the picture, The new maps are, The Zoo, The Hotel, The Convoy, The Stockpile and the zombie map Call of the dead. The new maps are looking pretty good and i really hope they turn out to be good.