Microsoft shares stance on used game policy, won’t charge a fee, but third party developers might

Microsoft have finally share the information that has been having people pretty much go nuts over about how the Xbox One will handle used games. Rumors for some time now have gone from Microsoft not supporting used games at all to them charging  a fee. Well they have finally burst the bubble on the rumors and confirm they will not be charging users a used game fee.

The fact still remains that selling used games will require a user to bring it to a corresponding retailer to simply remove the game from their account. This is due to the fact that games installed on the Xbox One will not require the disc to play it. Instead, the user will simply have to sign in every 24 hours to pretty much update their account with new information and to confirm you still have the correct license to play the game.

However, details from Microsoft state that it will be up to the third part whether or not the resale of games is allowed and it is also up to them if they wish to “set up business terms or transfer fees with retailers”. Microsoft have also stated they do not receive any compensation as part of this. The option for third party developers to allow users to give their games to friends is also allowed, however Microsoft failed to state whether they will include the option on their own games. It would be nice if Microsoft forced the ability to trade games on all developers, but perhaps they don’t want to anger developers too much by giving them the option.

“Loaning or renting games won’t be available at launch, but we are exploring the possibilities with our partners.”

So basically if you planned on renting a few games at launch, think again, hopefully Microsoft won’t take too long to implement this type of feature. Perhaps 24/48 hour codes for game for renting purposes, but chances are Microsoft will implement this for themselves on Xbox live and sadly bricks and mortar stores will not have the option or for that matter online retailers that rent games through the post.  Check out the source link below and look forward to E3 which starts next week.

Source: Xbox Wire

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