Xbox turns 10 years old

Today is a special day for Microsoft, It marks the anniversary of the  first step towards the most popular gaming platform today. Exactly 10 years ago today on November 15th 2001, Microsoft launched the Xbox with it games like Halo which was sought after by millions.  Soon after the launch of the original Xbox, Microsoft launched Xbox live and Halo 2, Which brought online gaming to it’s peek and allowed people to play with and against each other from around the world.

The 3 years later the Xbox 360 was released. It was the first next gen console to bring games like Call Of duty 2 and Perfect Dark Zero at launch. These games were at the time considered next gen and brough graphics never seen before on a gaming console.

Now we have Kinect, Which is the fastest selling gadget of all time. Kinect brings motion controls, Voice controls and more to the gaming industry and at the same time marking it’s place in history. There is no telling what is around the corner for Xbox, But for now, Happy Birthday!!

Craig O'Sullivan

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