14 Year old from Dublin attempts Hack on Xbox live

Well now, What do we have here.

‘A DUBLIN schoolboy caused a worldwide alert when he attempted to hack into the Microsoft Xbox system, it has emerged. The 14-year-old from Tallaght was responsible for millions of computer users being alerted after the popular online game Modern Warfare 2 was hacked. Bosses feared sensitive that information about Microsoft’s customers was in danger of being compromised.

General manager of Microsoft in Ireland Paul Rellis made the revelation during his keynote speech at Bank of Ireland Business Week. Mr Rellis said Microsoft is working with the teenager to develop his talent and help him use his skills for legitimate purposes. The alert was exposed in the wake of an attack on Sony’s online PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment in which the personal information of some 100million user accounts was stolen last month.’

Looks like there was an attempt on Xbox live by none other then a 14 year old boy from Tallaght, Dublin. Now while this is not related to the incident regarding Sony and there successful hack last month. What’s even more interesting is that instead of suing the 14 year old (Cough cough Sony) or any other legal action, They have infact hired him, To not only help plug any exploits he may have found, But to guide him and use his skill in a more legitimate way.

This is really interesting to read about and i really do hope we find out more. Stay tuned for any more information that may surface.

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    1. Indeed it is, I believe Microsoft don’t want to alienate those that have the ability to do things like this. They wish for those people to help prevent them.

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