Microsoft issuing permanent bans for ‘Marketplace Theft’

The above picture is what alot of users of Xbox live are currently getting when they sign in there profiles, Apparantly Microsoft are chopping down on permanent bans for something called Marketplace theft, Infact a friend of mine was just banned for the same thing, Microsoft are currently stating that they will not share any information on why any user is banned other than that it was for marketplace theft. My friend was told he was banned permanently and that all his game saves and achievements online were now gone, And there was no way of getting them back and all his purchases were no longer accessible.

This is definitely a big concern for Microsoft, as just by searching the terms Marketplace theft, You will find alot of people that have been banned for such offence extremely upset with Microsoft. Now I’m not sure how well that’s going to work out for Microsoft as it looks like they have banned alot of people for this and it does seem very random, And seeing as that means you no longer have access to any of your purchases that you made with that said account and i can see why some people aren’t going to let this go, Especially seeing as they seem to be surprised for being banned for marketplace theft.

It does seem pretty bad for Microsoft to take money from users over the years for content and then just ban them without foregoing any information on why or infact even proving that person did anything wrong.

All I do know is that if they ban me, I will not be continue to use Xbox live and move to the PS3! I would not like the idea of being banned and have no recourse for an appeal! Also the fact Microsoft won’t share any information has me concerned that this may just be a money making scheme. Thinking the users will just buy there content again!

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft issuing permanent bans for ‘Marketplace Theft’”

  1. Happened to me, too. I signed in the other day to try out the BF3 beta, but then to my dismay, I see a message saying I have been banned permanently. I log onto my E-Mail to find that I’ve been banned for “Marketplace Theft”. Unless I get unbanned, I’m going to go to PC gaming. Good job, Microsoft.

  2. When it happened to me, i nearly took a panic attack =/ all my arcade games, dlc, gamer pics…..gone and i email them a while after cause if had 420 points left on the account, and they said i cant get it transferred to another account, as when the market place theft occurred i had fore-fitted my right to anything belong to the account, like what the fuck! load of ballox (i was gonna turn to the dark side [PS3]) lol

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