Review: PS Vita

The PS Vita, the newest portable gaming device from Sony in an answer for all those wishing to have console like gaming graphics on the go. This device has many changes over the original PSP and of course PSP Go. The PS Vita includes a touch screen, dual analog sticks, a rear touch pad, both […]

Motorola granted injunction against Microsoft by the German Courts

The lovely heated patent disputes, aren’t they always a joy. This time we have Motorola suing Microsoft and today Motorola have won an injunction against Microsoft with regards to a set of patents involved with the H.264 video codec.  The Mannheim regional court ruled on four lawsuits between the two companies. This ruling affects the distribution of windows 7, […]

First ever FPS simulator built by The Gadget Show

This is the worlds first FPS simulator, One that acutally shoots back. The popular tv show The Gadget Show uilt what costs £500,000(€572,098.31). The entire device tracks your movements with an omni-directional treadmill to allow you to walk any direction. There is also tracking sensors on you to tell you if you crouched or jumping and simulates them in game. […]