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Review: Asus 3GB 7970 DirectCUII graphics card


The art of the PC Gaming world always involves a great graphics card and the simple fact more performance from your graphics card means, better FPS and better looking games. This is of course assuming you don’t have anything else that would cause some form of a bottleneck, but it still comes that to the […] Continue Reading

SqaureTrade drop and water tests of Nexus 7 vs iPad

square trade nexus 7 vs ipad

SquareTrade have gotten the newly release Nexus 7  tablet which is made by Asus and Google and have put it through the typical drop tests and a nice water journey to see how well the new tablet performs in what should be called tech torture.. This time they have taken a new iPad to put up against the Nexus 7 […] Continue Reading

iFixit teardown the Nexus 7 tablet

Nexus 7 iFixit

The guys over at iFixit have got there hands on the Nexus 7 for one simple task and that is to tear it apart and see the lovely insides of the new Jelly Bean tablet from Asus/Google. They have released all the info gained from there exploratory surgery done on the device and even a […] Continue Reading