AMD Threadripper will arrive on August 10th

AMD Threadripper has finally gotten a release date. The new HEDT platform from AMD will be arriving on August 10th and pre-order are starting with some retailers already. Let’s take a look at the official line up and see what’s on offer.

Starting from the bottom, we have the smallest 8-core/16-thread 1900X. This is meant to bridge the gap between AMD’s mainstream chipset platform and offer similar performance as their 1800x but with the added benefit of quad channel memory and 64-PCIe lanes as all Threadripper CPU’s include. Pricing for the 1900x will be $549.

The 1920x takes the core counts up to 12-core/24-threads and offers a slightly lower base clock at 3.5GHz, but with the same boost clock. Pricing for 1920X is $799.

Lastly we have the corner stone of the Threadripper platform, the massive 16-core/32-thread CPU with 3.4GHZ base clock and 4GHz boost clock. Like the 1900x/1920x we have 64-PCIe lanes and quad channel memory. Pricing is set for $999.

The new X399 platform of course comes with a new line up for motherboards, and already announced we have some top end boards from ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte, and MSi.

Lastly there will be a new line up of coolers to launch for Threadripper, and since Threadripper requires a pretty large surface area, it will be interesting to see how good cooling performance on the new platform.

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