YouTube is getting some upgrades, including 60fps video playback and new annotation system with mobile support


YouTube is getting some upgrades with some already here and others arriving in the next coming months and beyond. The most notable feature added is the support for 60fps playback. No doubt in anticipation of more gameplay videos from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Support will include videos at 48fps as well, meaning users can upload smooth high quality, high frame rate videos to YouTube.

The fun continues, with annotations getting an overhaul with interactive video cards, a cleaner look, and finally, mobile support. Google have also released a new creator studio app for Android, with iOS on the way, which will allow on the go real-time analytics’s and video management. YouTube are also providing over 7,500 royalty free SFX for anyone to beef up their videos and a new service called Fan-funding to allow fans to donate to creators to fund new videos. That last new feature announced will allow fans to submit translations in any language based on captions the creator adds.

Play Store: Creator Studio app

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