Windows 8 beta coming February, Bringing Windows store along with it

Microsoft have just announced its plans to release the highly anticipated beta of there new version of Windows 8 this coming February. They have also stated that the new Windows store for downloading apps will be also be launching with the beta to give users the ability to download free apps during the beta.

Windows 8 is the biggest overhaul of Windows in a very long time, Introducing a brand new UI designed for Tablets and also allowing a special version of windows to run on ARM devices. The idea of a full version of Windows on a tablet has been around for awhile now and while Microsoft have tried it before, There has never been a fully working implementation of it that people find useful. That’s where the new Metro UI comes in, But even if you don’t like it, There is always the traditional Windows UI underneath it.

This version of Windows is definitely going to be the most interesting, But whether it’s going to make it all comes down to it’s tablet version and performance on ARM devices. Microsoft have decided to go the app store way aswell, But i can see that just being a tablet version only and the normal way for installing apps will be the most used.

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