New Memods ‘Console Armour’ Available for pre-order

Memods have just announced there new product line for 2012. Memods release a video last year that took the world by storm, It was the beautiful Infinite mod that had people in a frenzy. The creators were taking by surprise by the demand for this mod, But that got them thinking. They wanted to make it easier. They wanted to make it simple for users to install the mod themselves. They have now done just that. The new design allows gamers to to simply attach the armour mod and instantly make there console look awesome!!


Now they are releasing there new products which are called Console Armour. This new design is completely self install and allows you to customize it even more, The new and improved infinity mod now looks even better. They now include light sheets which a brighted by a custom light slot built into the armour. These are interchangeable which makes customizing it very simple. There is also changeable Frames, Which makes the overall design in the hands of the gamer.

The console armour is now available for pre-order from the source link below, It’s estimated to begin shipping in January. They have also got plans to launch a ps3 version of the mod aswell, So stay tuned for that.

Source: Memods

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