OnLive release Android App to play latest console games on your mobile device

OnLive have just gone Mobile, That’s right, There highly anticipated mobile platform of there pc gaming application is now available on on your Android Tablet and smartphone. While it currently only works with some devices, Keep in mind that it brings Console games to mobile devices.

OnLive is a cloud based gaming service that delivers HD games completely through the internet. All you need is a device that is capable of playing back the video it streams, It’s like playing a game off your own computer but somewhere else, OnLive has a field of hardware that does all the leg work and sends you the beautiful HD game and doing so means you no longer need to have top end hard ware to play the lattest games, Even a netbook can play the games. 

The new service will allow you to play your games on your Android tablet or Smartphone and soon your iPad aswell. Check out the download link to take directly to the Android Market if you wish to download the app, Keeping in mind that service is only available in the US and the UK, I have been using it on there UK servers for sometime now and it has worked fine.


Download: Android Market

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