Oculus Rift S will arrive this spring for $399

The updated Rift S finally has a release windows and pricing. The new VR unit will arrive this Spring and set you back $399. The new hardware that ultimately replaces the first consumer Oculus Rift will increase the resolution of it’s displays from 1080 x 1200 to 1280 x 1440 and move from OLED to LCD panels. The move also drops the refresh rate from 90HZ to 80Hz.

The new VR headset will offer increased comfort, better weight distribution and improve light block. Oculus have worked with Lenovo on the overall design of the new unit. The on-ear headphones that were included with the Oculus Rift are now gone and instead we have near-ear speakers. The tracking system is no longer external and instead features five camera sensors for in-out tracking and will allow all users to see their surroundings with the headset on.

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