Nintendo shutting down Wii and DS WiFi connection service worldwide on May 20th


Nintendo have just announced their plans to shutdown the Nintendo WiFi connection service f0r both Wii and DS/DSi consoles. Services and apps such as the Wii Shop channel and Nintendo DSi shop and their repsective browsers along with the Wii’s delivery channel for Hulu, YouTube and Netflix will all still continue to work. Users will no longer be able to access online features like Online Play, Matchmaking and Leaderboards.

The date for the worldwide shutdown is set for May 20th and Nintendo have released the following statement.

As of May 20, 2014, certain online functionality, including online play, matchmaking and leaderboards for many Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games, will no longer be accessible. For a list of Nintendo games and services that are affected, please check Users can still play these games in offline mode, which continues to offer a rich game-play experience. Other online functionality on Wii and Nintendo DS, such as access to the Wii Shop Channel, the Nintendo DSi Shop and video-on-demand services, are also not affected at this time.

Online play for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games will be unaffected (aside from the Wii mode on Wii U and Nintendo DS games played on Nintendo 3DS family systems). Our focus now shifts to readying our Wii U and Nintendo 3DS matchmaking services for upcoming games such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.

We at Nintendo sincerely thank our fans for their continued support of our company’s legacy systems. Your enthusiasm for games made for these systems speaks to their longevity, and the passion of Nintendo fans.

Nintendo have also included a list of titles that are affected by the service ending, which you can see with the source link below.


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