iPad 2 already in production! Ready! set! go!!

So the news is starting to roll in now, Wall street Journal is reporting that the iPad 2 is already in production. They have also shared some speculation of the specs(lol) with us. The next gen iPad will have a faster CPU and GPU and will obviously have the front facing camera and more than likely the rear camera aswell. The rumors about a nice MASSIVE resolution on the iPad 2 have since been crushed with the WSJ stating it will have probably the exact same resolution as the original iPad, Which i have to think makes sense and is probably better for early adopters. The worst thing about the launch of the original iPad was that there was not enough iPad apps and most where just iPhone with double pixel. If they were to increase the resolution again on the iPad 2, It would cause a lot of problem and a lot of apps would need updating, This way there will be no issues with current iPad apps. More news should be coming through the the coming days about the iPad 2 and its design, specs and release date soon. Stay tunned!!

Wall Street Journal

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