Nokia abandons N9-00, Its first MeeGo Heatset!

Word on the street is that Nokia killed the N9-00!! The pic above as been floating around the internet for a long time now, With Nokia set to off launched there first Meego back in late 2010 which was then pushed to sometime in 2011!! With Mobile world congress next week it will be interesting to see if they have any info on this. I must say the phone looks alot like the Nokia E7, Possible just a variations design for MeeGo, It will be said to see it not being made as it seems Nokia will be going for more of a slate design then with a flip out qwerty keyboard, Which i have always taught was an excellent idea for a phone, But saying that i believe slim phones are more of an appeal to most consumers. If Nokia have truly killed the N9-00 then they must have something else up there sleeve as there first Meego device, Where are the leaks that everyone has come to expect before the launch of a new phone!!

Stay tuned to find out!

Craig O'Sullivan

Creator of Passionate about Technology and always looking for that next cool gadget or app

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