iControl pad ready for order and shipping next week

So, Not many people will known or remember the device above, It has been in production for well a the begining of time lets say, Anyway, Its called the iControl pad, Before we talk about what it is, Lets have some history first. Its orginal design used the dock connector for the iPhone, Meaning you just connect the cable and away you go, But the creator Craig Rothwell decided against using it due to legal concerns about using Apples 30 pin connector, So decided to go with bluetooth instead, which did create a delay in its production but never the less gave it new found support. The device now will not only support the iPhone, But also the Motorola backflip, Blackberry Touch and the G1, Probably more support to be expected aswell. Which is good news for alot of people. Its currently available for order from the site with a price tag of €54:99 and ships next week, Hit up the link below to check out out. 

iControl pad

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