Google launches games for Google+

Google aren’t slowing down with there own social site Google+, They are gearing up for the launch of there new games for Google+. This will include the famous Angry birds which will no doubt be a hit on its own. The upcoming launch of games for Google+ will be pushed out slowly and should reach everyone in a few days. There are a few quotes below from Punti Soni the lead product manager for Game and Bradley Horowitz the VP of product management at Google.

+Punit Soni – Lead Product Manager for Games

“Folks…two comments:

1. games will roll out slowly over a period of time. So please be patient as we ramp up

2. Please play with it and give us feedback. We have tried to build it in a way that is fun for those who love playing games and non-disruptive for those who don’t.

Its just a start…ways to go as we listen, learn and iterate.


So anyone getting a chance too play these games, They are erging you to give them feedback, After all Google+ is still extremely new.

 +Bradley Horowitz – VP of Product Management at Google

“I’m seeing some amount of “Oh no! Games?!” in reaction to the announcement of Games on Google+…

Folks – please bother to read the announcement… If you’re a gamer – you’re going to love what we’ve done…

But as importantly, if you’re not interested in games, we’ve implemented this in a way that won’t be at all harmful to your Google+ experience…

Also – this will roll out S L O W L Y over a number of days, so don’t be alarmed or concerned if Games haven’t reached you yet…”

So anyone interested in the Games for Google+ should keep an eye out for them on there Google+ account main page.

There is a quick picture of the list of games that will be available. I do think that this list will grow and get bigger as Google+ grows itself. You can check out the official announcement from the source link below.

Source: Official Google Blog

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