New Letterbomb hack for Wii for System Menu 4.3

While being able to Softmod a wii on system menu 4.3 hasn’t been impossible, Not even close. It did however require the person to have certain games, To run exploits on them and then be able to hack the wii. Now that is no longer the case. The new hack called “LetterBomb” with respect to the old hack “BannerBomb” has just been released and this hack doesn’t require you to have a game to run it, All it requires is a Wii running 4.3, An SD card, Your wii’s Mac address and about 10 or so minutes to do the hack.

Most people won’t relize that the purpose isn’t to play copyrighted games, But the amount of homebrew available for the wii is insane! Check out the link below for more info!


Source: HackMii

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2 thoughts on “New Letterbomb hack for Wii for System Menu 4.3”

  1. I need help every time i click on letterbomb my system freezes. it goes to the screen with all the writing on it. I does not get to the if you payed screen. It frezzes before that. Can any one help me?

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