Backtrack 5 Running on Samsung Galaxy S2

I have had my Samsung Galaxy S2 for some time now, the other day I decided to install the ARM version of Backtrack 5 on my Samsung Galaxy S2, but first a little back story, The tutorial for installing this is on The installing is pretty straight forward and you must have your SGS2 rooted for it to work. Here is a link to that tutorial here. All credit goes to DooMLoRD for his tutorial on how to install it.

The above shot is a screenshot that I took on my phone. As you can see it looks pretty damn good, I must also add that it runs fairly decently, although there is as some work that needs to be done, But i was able to browse the internet perfectly on it, which says a lot on it’s own. The speed was quite impressive as well. I really do hope to see more from this in the future.

Anyone with a Samsung Galaxy S2 already knows how good this phone actually is, so anyone who wants to give a shot should because it only takes around 5-10 minutes to get working and it’s pretty good.

The thing about this running of Backtrack 5 is that it uses AndroidVNC, what this means is that you can actually run BackTrack 5 on your phone but access/control it on your pc by running a PC/MAC/LINUX client of VNC and simply connect to it that way.

Also I can’t help but think with the full feature USB OTG port on the Samsung galaxy s2, I wouldn’t be shocked to see mouse and keyboard support for it at some point!

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  1. I’m still unsucessful.When I type ui in terminal, it does not show anything (event 1 or 2 number). And then, I tried to connect GUI by VNC, it failed. Do you know why ?

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