AMD Announce RX Vega 56 and 64 GPU’s, Arriving August 14th

As promised, during Siggraph in Los Angelas AMD announced their next line up of flagship GPU’s. The new line up of graphics cards arriving with the latest Vega Archtecture and finally been announced along with pricing. Let’s take a look at the official specs and different Vega cards that are set to arrive on August 14th.

AMD Radeon RX Vega Series (+ Fury X)
AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Liquid AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 AMD Radeon R9 Fury X
Stream Processors 4096
(64 CUs)
(64 CUs)
(56 CUs)
(64 CUs)
Texture Units 256 256 224 256
ROPs 64 64 ?? 64
Base Clock 1406MHz 1247MHz 1156MHz N/A
Boost Clock 1677MHz 1546MHz 1471MHz 1050MHz
Memory Clock 1.89Gbps HBM2 1.89Gbps HBM2 1.6Gbps HBM2 1Gbps HBM
Memory Bus Width 2048-bit 2048-bit 2048-bit 4096-bit
Transistor Count 12.5B 12.5B 12.5B 8.9B
Board Power 345W 295W 210W 275W
Manufacturing Process GloFo 14nm GloFo 14nm GloFo 14nm TSMC 28nm
Architecture GCN 5 GCN 5 GCN 5 GCN 3
GPU Vega 10 Vega 10 Vega 10 Fiji
Launch Date 08/14/2017 08/14/2017 08/14/2017 06/24/2015
Launch Price $699 (bundle only) $499($599 with Bundle) $399 $649

The rumors of a water cooled version were of course true, and we see that’s the priceest model of Vega 64, with the air version costing $200 less at $499. The base version being the RX Vega 56 coming in at just $399. Their will also be a limited edition air cooled Vega 64 card with metal shroud as pictured above over the standard plastic casing.

AMD did showcase some benchmarks, but kept everything to a 1440p ultrawide resolution. It showed Vega beating Nvidia’s GTX 1080, but it’s clear we’re only see the cherry picked results, and sadly nothing 4K related or official benchmark numbers from 3DMark. Of course that won’t be the case for long once August 14th rolls around.

It has been stated that AMD will not be offering the RX Vega 64 limited and Liquid versions outside of special bundles that their putting together. Basically if you want a standalone card, you must settle for the RX Vega 64 Air or RX Vega 56 at launch.

The special bundles called Radeon Packs will gives customers $200 off a 34” Samsung CF791 curved ultrawide FreeSync monitor, $100 off a select Ryzen 7 CPU’s and Motherboard (X370) combo, plus 2 free games (Wolfenstein II and Prey). A good deal for anyone looking to go full AMD and grab a new FreeSync monitor while their at it. This adds $100 cost to the GPU when getting it apart of the bundle, so the RX Vega 64 air cooled goes from $499 to $599 and as we mentioned above the Limited and Liquid eiditons will only be available as apart of a bundle.

Sadly it must be noted that the Radeon Packs for Europe will not include the discount on the Samsung 34″ Ultrawide monitor and just include the discount on the CPU/MB combo and the free games. It’s a little odd that AMD couldn’t find something else to include in the deal, or even a higher discount on the CPU/Mobo combo, but raher offer those in Europe less for the same price.

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