AMD release Ryzen 3 quad-core CPU’s for €119, and €139

AMD’s launch of their latest desktop processors has been a huge success, but’s it’s not over just yet. While Threadripper is very close, today AMD are showcasing Ryzen 3, which will offer 4-core/4-thread processors for extremely good prices.


The new Ryzen 3 tier will include the 1200, and 1300X. Both of the CPU’s feature the same 4-core/4-thread spec, with 65W TDP.


Starting from the cheaper model. The 1200 has a 3.1 GHz base clock and 3.4GHz boost clock with 8MB’s lf L3 cache. Pricing is set for €119/$129.


The 1300x takes the clock speeds up to 3.4Ghz base and 3.7Ghz boost. This is again using the same 65W TDP, and 8MB’s L3 cache. Pricing for the faster quad-core is €139/$129

Ryzen 3 much like 5 and 7, is multiplier unlocked, which means a 1200 could very well be boosted to 3.7GHz. A great speed for such a well priced CPU.

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