Nintendo announce Metroid Prime 4

Nintendo’s biggest announcement at their E3 press stream included something the fans have wanted for a long long time. That is of course (if the image and title didn’t give it away) Metroid Prime 4, which will arrive on Nintendo latest console, the Switch. The game is not being worked on by previous development team […]

Nintendo shutting down Wii and DS WiFi connection service worldwide on May 20th

Nintendo have just announced their plans to shutdown the Nintendo WiFi connection service f0r both Wii and DS/DSi consoles. Services and apps such as the Wii Shop channel and Nintendo DSi shop and their repsective browsers along with the Wii’s delivery channel for Hulu, YouTube and Netflix will all still continue to work. Users will […]

Nintendo 3DS set to launch on March 25th

Nintendo are busy getting ready to launch there new ds, Thats right its the Nintendo 3DS, Its launch date has been chosen for Europe which is March 25th, Two days before the US. The price is set at €249.99 There is also talk about upcoming games aswell, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, Pro Evolution Soccer […]