XBMC team release version 13.0 Gotham Beta, brings hardware decoding to Android devices and more



The XBMC team have just pushed the latest Beta of XBMC with the development team reaching version 13.0 dubbed Gotham. The new version which has just entered beta brings a great deal of new improvements aimed at Android devices including the much sought after support for hardware decoding with both ARM and X86 architectures. Touch screen support has also be improved and now includes gesture controls and swiping controls in navigation.

The new release also includes improved UPnP capabilities, Stereoscopic 3D Rendering and ‘Dramatic Audio Engine Improvements’. The Beta is available to download today, with different versions available for both ARM and X86 architecture. We have included a link to XBMC’s announcement page and their changelog for the update.

Source: XBMC.org
hangelog: XBMC 13 (Gotham)

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