XBMC gets name change and becomes Kodi Entertainment Center


The developers behind the insanely popular XMBC are severing their connection with the old naming scheme. Originally the project started with the first Xbox Console, but it has been some years since the project has run on  the Xbox console (at least completely) and the fact the software has done a lot more than simple media and includes support for plugins, addons, games and more. In light of their latest release, the team have decided to change the name of the entire project. The new version is V14 and introduces the new title Kodi, with the full name Kodi Entertainment Center.

It doesn’t come as shock that the developers wish to move away from the previous name due to not having any trademark control of it, but that has all changed with the new name and hopefully it will put an end to others using the XMBC name for less than legitimate reasons. The developers also noted that the above image for Kodi is not the final logo and that they have quite landed on how they want the new logo to look.

Source: XMBC.org

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