Western Digital launch new WD Purple class hard drives for video surveillance setups


Westerin Digital have just recently announced a new line-up of hard drives dubbed WD Purple. The new class are specifically designed for video surveillance units and include better features and support for those areas. The hard drives are aimed to have increased performance with high-definition video playback and being operated in 24×7 workloads.

Other features for the WD Purple class include:

  • AllFrame™ – When combined with ATA streaming support, AllFrame™ technology helps to reduce video footage loss with a proprietary cache policy management technology to help improve data flow and playback. WD Purple includes exclusive firmware upgrades that protect against video pixilation and interruptions within a surveillance system
  • Advanced Format Technology™ (AFT) – the more efficient media format that enables increased areal densities, adopted by WD and other drive manufacturers to continue growing hard drive capacities

The WD Purple drives will come in 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB capacities and are available for purchase right away with their respective pricing at £54.99 (1TB), £74.99 (2TB), £99.99 (3TB), and £139.99 (4TB). We have included a link directly to the production page.

Product Page: Western Digital

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