Viber launch Viber Out service, allowing users to make calls to any landline or mobile number in the world

Popular app Viber has gotten a rather big new feature along with the latest update for iOS and Android devices. The new feature called Viber Out sees the Viber service become a complete VOIP service and now allows users to make calls to any landline or mobile number in the world. The new service was recently available to users in the Philippines during the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan to help aid them contacting family and friends. The update brings Viber closer to competing with Microsoft’s Skype service and even competes well on prices (below). The service is available for Android, iOS and Desktop users and is coming soon to Windows Phone device in the future as well.

Vibe Out credit is available as an in-app purchase within the Google Play or Apple App Stores and by using a credit card for desktop users. A feature that Viber supports beyond Skype and other VOIP services is that it displays the users actual number, so you basically know whos calling regardless if they’re using Viber Out or there normal mobile service provider.

“Viber Out gives our millions of users a new way to use Viber and ensures that they can reach any contact at any time,” said Talmon Marco, CEO of Viber. “We will continue to improve Viber Out, keeping our users connected at the most affordable rates possible.”


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