UPC New prices on Broadband packages!!

The people over at UPC have been to work again, They are now making some extremely great offers, While they were already the best priced for what they offered. They are now offering even more at a a bigger discount.

Download –        Upload –                Cap –       Price –     Price with phone
12Mb/s –              1.2Mb/s –        120GB –         €25 –                      €32
25Mb/s –             2.5Mb/s –          250GB –        €35 –                      €42
50Mb/s –             5.0Mb/s –         250GB –         €45 –                      €47
100Mb/s –           7.0Mb/s –         500GB –         €65 –                     €57

As you can see the prices above are even cheaper if you get a phone line from UPC, The fantastic deal is available to anyone(100Mb line subject to availability) So just head on over to UPC.IE and upgrade or order whatever package you want.

UPC Before would  charge €7:75 for a ‘broadband standalone charge’, If you didn’t get T.V service’s from them aswell. They now however include phone in that agreement, Phone is in fact cheaper than the standalone charge, Meaning it’s cheaper for you to the the phone line aswell.


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3 thoughts on “UPC New prices on Broadband packages!!”

  1.  how come UPC are billing for there own employee`s mistake wen i was miss sold… my name is wayne joyce & bobby burns thinks its ok to bill me when i did everything in my powwer to change the situation asap…. there is a serious problem with caroline walsh as she could nt see the problem & want to see the problem her boss micheal casey o shas ( cant remember the rest of his name .. also thinks it fine to deal with a customer & a shocking response..

    1. There has been, This post was made back in May, They increased the cap on the 50Mb package to 500GB two months ago, You can read about that here. https://geektech.ie/?p=1625

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