Call of duty: Project Colossus(Release date leaked)

Eurogamer are reporting from several sources that the upcoming Call of duty game will have a release date of the 8th Of November. The leak came from an internal Tesco database that refered to a game called ‘Call of Duty : Project Colossus’ Which is more than likely just working title. The game is said to be Modern Warfare 3, a prequel to Modern warfare 1 and the story is all about Ghost!!

The upcoming Call of duty game is yet to be announced by Activision but is known to be in development by Infinity Ward with the help of  Sldgehammer games. Infinity ward needed to help due to the Heads Jason West and Vincent Zampella being fired by Activision last year and causing around 30+ people from quiting. It was obviously a messy situation which probably was what caused Modern warfare 2 from loosing support so quickly.

Lets hope this new game won’t suffer the same consequence’s. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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