The Xbox One does not require Kinect to be plugged in and can be shut off in the settings

It’s true folks, the Xbox One will not require the new Kinect to be connected to the console for it to work. In a recent IGN ask me anything interview with Marc Whitten a simple question was asked. ‘What if my Kinect falls from the TV and Breaks’. The idea being that if you no longer have a working Kinect than what happens to the Xbox One in terms of it working itself. Well it turns out that it will work just fine, at least all the parts that do not require the sensor and simply put you can have Kinect unplugged from the Xbox One.

This was something that future consumers were worried about and the same could be said for other previously said restrictions or as Microsoft called them ‘Features’. Also stated in the response is the option in the settings to shut off Kinect bar the IR Blaster. Check out more information about the interview directly on IGN with the source link below.

Source: IGN

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