The Stop SOPA Blackout begins! Today we fight back

Sites all over the world in protests of the two bills SOPA and PIPA are no going dark, This is in a massive effort to stop such bills for possibly destorying free speech on the internet. The Stop Online Piracy Act is simply a tool so that allows anyone to have a site shut down simply because they declare it in violation of there copyright. There is absolutely no justice to this and it completely removes all due process.

This law is only being passed in the US but will affect the entire internet, Anyone who supports the bill is automatically a supported of censorship and believes copyright holders should have the ability to shutdown sights they believe are wrong, This simply gives them control of the internet and allows them to censor anything they like. Anytihng that tries to censor the internet is the single biggest threat to free speech.

Sites like Wikipedia, XDA Forums, Reddit and more are going dark for 12 hours to show there opposition to SOPA and hope they can raise enough awareness so that it doesn’t happen and that the US government know they cannot censor the internet and that peoples voice will be heard.

If you live in the United States then please send a letter to your congress man and let them know you are outraged by such a possibility of a bill being passed. If you don’t live in the U.S then please ask anyone you know who does do send a letter to there congress man, Let me know that free speech isn’t something to be messed with and trying to sacrifice it for the chance it would stop piracy is ridiculous.

Craig O'Sullivan

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