Aurasma: Augmented reality taken to the next level for smartphones

Most people have heard about and used QR codes alot, Simply scanning a barcode into your phone would reveal the information behind it. Well Aurasma takes that to a whole new level with there new app. This app can identify pretty much anything and have pre-determined information displayed to the user. The app works pretty well and they have just passed a huge milestone of over 3 million downloads worldwide.

The app involves pretty complicated visual recognition software and  it combines the phones camera, GPS, compass, accelerometer and internet connection to allow the app to identify pretty much anything from a river (like in the above picture) too a road in your neighbourhood. The app opens up endless possibilities for users to gain information from anything, Like say the opening hours of a store by simply pointing the phones camera at the store itself. There is no doubt a future for this app and it’s abilities.

Check out the video below to see it in action for yourself, You can also download the app for free from the links below.

Source: Aurasma
Download app: iOS
Download app: Android

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