PlayStation 3 system update 3.61 available now, Return of PSN begins today

The Playstation Network is back!! Well…… sort off!! There is a new update from Sony called 3.61, Which is being pushed out to all PS3 owners right now. The update is to gain extra security before turning the PSN back on completely. Users will be promted to changed there password for there account upon installing the new update. The restoration […]

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Sony confirms that ‘PSN intrusion’ obtained personal information!

Okay, This has just taken a step into the worsed. The original shut down of the PSN network caused by and external intrusion(Someone hacked in) Has just gotten even worse. Sony are now confirming that Personal data was obtained in this attack. Sony have had PSN down for just about 1 week now, Its extremely bad […]

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PlayStation Network downtime explained

As more and more people are getting frustrated by longer than expected downtime of PSN, Sony have been somewhat kind to tell us why, The truth is kind off disconcerting!! Below is a press release from Sony to shed some light on the downtime.   ‘An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. In […]

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