PlayStation Network down for extensive time!! No word from Sony on why!!

Word on the street is that the PlayStation Network(PSN) has been down all day, With no word from Sony on why and how long this issue will last. Its been affecting everyone and is starting to really get people pi**ed off. This issue happened a few weeks ago and people suspected it was some sort of attack against the PSN. Sony denied this claim but gave the usual BS that it was unscheduled maintenance. We will update once we get word from Sony or when the PSN goes back online!! Stay Tuned


Update**** Word from Sony is  that the network outage may be a result of “the possibility of targeted behaviour by an outside party.” Still no ETA for when services will be restored. Source – Sony PSN EU Blog

Update 2****Even more bad news, They are stating  ‘It may be off for a day or two’ Which sucks for anyone wanting to get online to play some games!!


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