Seattle Rex vs. Apple: Consumer wins lawsuit against Apple

News of Seattle Rex Vs Apple where a consumer purchased a Mac laptop and it experienced what was considered as a typical defective 8600M GT, which at the time was experianced my many people. This defection was covered by Apple warranty and infact Apple extended the warranty to 4 years for this very issue. So when Rex had is computer fail due to the graphics card he and of course any rational person would assume it being fixed my Apple would not be an issue. Also the clear fact that it would be Nvidia that would be covering the cost of the repair and not Apple.

Low and behold Apple refused to repair it and cited they wouldn’t fix it due to the fact it wouldn’t boot. This was of course because the graphics card had failed and thus the logic board would not boot. This was of course not something that Rex would have been expecting and without getting into the details of what took place over and extending period. He brought Apple to court and he won. Infact he won hands down. Apple in no way had a case and what’s even worse, mainly due to the blog post by Rex himself. It turns out out that a lot of users have had the same trouble with Apple over the exact same issue.

If you wish to read the post by Rex, check out the source link below.

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