Samsung Galaxy S3 possibly spotted in Samsung Video

This is from a video posted by Samsung, The video is simply just the best parts of CES from Samsung, Showing off all the new things they are bringing to the market, Then comes the new Smart Camera from Samsung called the WB850F, This camera allows a person to control the viewfinder directly from the phone.

Now comes the interesting part, The demo of the camera control shows off a no specfic and never before seen smartphone. The only possible guess is that it’s the upcoming and notorious Samsung Galaxy S3, Now while this is a complete and utter guess, It does seem plasuible that Samsung would try to show it off somehow and doesn’t seem logical for them to use a device that would never¬†exist.

Hopefully we will begin to see some more information soon, Check out the video below yourself to see the possible Samsung Galaxy S3 in action, It starts around the 7 minute mark.

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