Review: Rii mini Wireless keyboard and touchpad

Up for review is the Rii mini Bluetooth Keyboard and Touchpad. The keyboard comes in different versions, Such as a basic 2.4GHz RF wireless that comes with it’s own receiever for just standard use and the Bluetooth versions which comes with a micro Bluetooth dongle.

The one up for review is the RT-MWK02+, The specs for the device include 1000 DPI, 10M wireless range,  850mAH in lithium-polymer battery(Charge by USB cable), Charges fully in less than 4 hours. Built in presentation laser.

The device is extremely light at 104g, The dimensions are 151 x 59 x 12.5mm. The keyboard has a nice little notch on the side that you slide out and inside is a micro USB Bluetooth dongle, This is extremely hand for when you are on the go and use it for a a laptop that doesn’t have built in Bluetooth, It’s amazing that Riitek included such an accessories and really means they taught off everything.

The device has a built in on-off switch, Turning it on will illuminate the device momentarily, Once on you can simply search for the device with your Bluetooth device. This is extremely simple and straight forward, Once you find your device just click on it, Your device will display a code, At this point you just enter it on the keyboard and hit enter, Once done that is it, The keyboard and touchpad is connected and working.

The whole reason of me getting the device was for my Samsung Galaxy note, For when connected to displays, Once the paring is made as above, You can set it to automatic, So once the keyboard is turned on, It will connect automatically, This is extremely useful and means no going back and fort with your phone. Android recognised the keyboard and touchpad immediately and displayed a mouse. There was no issues with any buttons or configurations of any kind, The media playback buttons built into the keyboard worked perfectly aswell.

While i had no intentions of using it on Windows, I actually found it quite useful for when I’m at a distance and need to change something quickly, Also helpful when playing music aswell, It was just as quick to set it up and connects perfectly.

Overall comfortability in use
After using the wireless keyboard and mouse, I have found it quite easy and haven’t found any issues using it, There are the few problems with tactile feedback not being enough, But that was really only with the space bar, This was actually very annoying at the beginning, The space bar is about the size of three buttons on the device, But the actually button on the space bar is in the centre, Meaning you must aim for the centre everytime for it to actually press correctly, While i got over this pretty quickly it was a pain at the beginning. Most people probably won’t even notice this, But it was something that got to me, But quickly became a non issue as i was able to hit the middle of the space bar after awhile of getting use to the keyboard.

This is a pretty straight review, It’s an excellent wireless keyboard and touchpad, It’s extremely smooth and easy to use, It has a built in function to change orientation of the device, So you can use the touchpad with one hand long ways, Instead of holding it with two hands. The range is pretty spot on, I had no issues using the keyboard downstairs when the my phone/computer was located upstairs, It was easily around 8M distances. The keyboard has a built in back light that illuminates every key, Making it easy to use in the dark, The laser pointer works just as it should, But is really only for presentations and for a little fun now and again. Overall I’m very satisfied with the device and consider it perfect for exactly what it was designed to do, Simply put Riitek have made a great device and a great price of around €30-40 depending on where you buy it.

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