Review: Wiz Connected lighting

LED lighting is all the craze the last few years, and with it we have more and more companies jumping in and making new products for people to fill their houses. Wiz connected have one of the strongest names in this industry along with parent Signify N/.V (Philips Hue) who produce the largest collection of lighting products available.

We have to two popular Wiz connected devices for review. The Mobile Portable light and the Linear Bar light. Both are of course fully Smart WiFi based and use the Wiz connected app for controlling and setting schedules. Let’s not waste any more time and get right into it.

The Mobile Portable light

The first up is the Mobile Portable light. As the naming suggest. This light is completely portable and includes a large battery for portability the name suggests. It charges using include USB Type C at the rear.

The device features dual zone LED’s internally, with the outside design acting as a shroud/diffuser to give the light more balance. The light includes a handle at the top for easy transport. It has an on-off switch at the bottom (underneat), otherwise you utilize the touch based controls on the top, along with App controls via WiFi.

The device is powered and charged via the included USB Type-C at the rear of the device. Thankfully this makes it easy to keep charged in main area, but still move it whenever needed.

Touch based controls included at the top of the device allow for mode change; allowing the user to cycle through different default colour options. There is standby button, and lastly a brightness bar as seen above.

The App

As we see with any new modern smart hardware, there is always an app that comes along with it. For a portable light, this is important for ease of control. Thankfully the app includes wide range of control, including colour, routines/schedules

The app includes a wide range of presents for different colour options. You can further the options with brightness and speed settings.

The Linear Bar

The Linear bar works very much the same as the portable light, however this time it requires to be plugged in for power as it’s aimed at being more stationary, with the design making it more part of the room.

The device is powered from either side, so you can run the cable in any direction. This also doubles as a chain to allow you to link more bar lights together for extra lighting without running more power cables.


As we wrap up our look at the Portable Light and Linear Bar Light, our conclusion is pretty straight forward. These lights work, and they work well. Their easy to setup, have a great field of options and modes, including routines and schedules that allow you to really make it apart of the room and bring great lighting effects. The added benefit of the portable light having a battery means you can leave it plugged in, but still move it to other areas for added ambiance at any time.

The most important aspect is that these lights look good. The lighting is very even and diffused very well, and the effects are really nice throughout the different modes. The app is easy to use and the lights work across the usual Alexa and Google Home smart setups.

Pricing for the Portable light is €99, which compared to some standard smart bulbs, isn’t a huge asks with the feature set it supports. The Linear bar can be bought in a two pack for the same price, which again, can be used together or separately, which again can be it very competitive value.

Overall we are very impressed with the quality of the products, the app feature set and the pricing, so happily recommend the Wiz Connected Portable Light and Linear Bar Light.

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