Meta announce latest Meta Quest Pro VR headset, arriving October 25th for €1,800

Meta (Facebook) have been teasing project Cambria for some time now. Promising to be the next step in VR technology. Finally the latest device has been revealed, along with the new name Meta Quest Pro (we miss Oculus name). The latest and great from Meta will introduce a lot of new technologies and experience never previously available on VR. The pricing clearly indicates the aim is more professional than previously thought.

Let’s device right in and check out the specs of the new hardware.

Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro and controllers (front view)

The Quest Pro includes a per-eye resolution of 1800 x 1920, 90hz refresh rate, and new pancake lens design. Inside we have the Snapdragon XR2+ from Qualcomm, along with 12GB of RAM AND 256gb of storage. The headset includes 10 sensors, 5 on the outside for tracking and providing the new full colour pass-through mode, which enables more augmented reality (AR) aspects of the headset. The inward facing sensors track eye movement and facial expressions, which are then passed on to your avatar. The per eye tracking will enable foveated rendering and should provide even more immersion than before.

Meta Quest Pro being used by technician using in in AR mode

The Passthrough aspects of the headset are a big push for Meta, as they bring the possibility of object detection. This is where AR aspect of the headset become a bigger reality. This will allow the virtual world to interact with the real world in a more meaningful way.

Meta Quest Pro Controllers

The new headset launching with new controllers with included and improved sensors for better tracking. Meta did announced that compatibility for the new controllers is backwards compatible.

Redesigned for comfort

Meta Quest Pro and controllers (rear view)

The new headset has been designed for comfort through and through. The new pancake lens allows for a smaller footprint, and Meta have included a curved battery inside the back of the strap for a more even weight distribution. The aim was to make the entire headset as comfortable to use for extended periods. The headset is designed to allow users to see the real world through peripheral vision – meaning it doesn’t really block all light, but you can get a full light blocker attachment as well. This probably should have been included in the full unit. Especially for €1,799.99

Availability and Accessories

Meta Quest Pro box contents

The headset is now available for Pre-order with an October 25th release. Pricing starts at $1,499 in the US and €1,799 in Europe. All accessories avaialble at launch include the full light blocker kit (€49.99), a compact charging dock (€99.99), and VR earphones (€49.99), and lastly a carry case (€149.99).

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