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The Galaxy S4 is still booming since launch and yes we used the word booming. The new smartphone in town brings with it a slew of new accessories and the one that stood out the most at the launch event was the S-View cover, so now we are going to take a closer look at the new accessory.

A big thanks to the everyone at for sending over the S-View cover for review. They have a huge collection of covers for the Samsung Galaxy S4, so make sure to check them out.

There really isn’t any other way to start the review but shots of the cover. So check out the gallery below.

The Galaxy S4 comes with the built in support for the cover to activate a small portion of the display for notification, time and to even answer or dismiss phone calls. Opening the cover can wake the device from sleep and bring you to the lock screen, closing the cover will activate the smaller area display for notifcations and then processed to place the device in sleep mode.


So what do we think of the S-View cover, well there are some pretty bad drawbacks and we guess flaws in the design of the cover. The back cover replacement adds some thickness to device and to be honest we just not sure why, it just seems Samsung made back cover thicker on the S-View cover compared to the original cover, although we have noticed that it stops the camera from being the first thing to hit the table when you put your device down, simply because it no longer protrudes further than the rest of the back of the device, so it could be considered a plus, but again your give up having a proper cover for this flip cover, so more protection should be a given.

Another concern is that the cover doesn’t actually close properly, we thought this would go away with use, but sadly it gets worse, simply put the cover is slightly raised from the display as if it doesn’t have enough give and since there is no magnet or strap to keep it closed, it can open freely.

The only other issues still stems from the fact the cover can’t close properly.  The cover can easily open in your pocket since nothing is keeping it closed and as such that can constantly wake your device at random times and essentially drain your battery needlessly.

The S-View cover simply has too many flaws and issues to recommended, but the biggest issue of all is the price, even if it was working as should and performed like a decent flip cover should, the price is simply too high coming in at around €50. Basically we wouldn’t recommend the S-View cover at all with the issues, but we wouldn’t recommend it at the price either way.

It’s sad to see an official product lacking the quality assurance we would expect, considering how good the Galaxy S4 is on it’s own, but there you have it.

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