Nvidia announce the GTX 780: promising 70-percent performance increase over the GTX 580

Nvidia have announce their latest graphics card which is the GTX 780. The latest card from Nvidia isn’t truly being aimed at current GTX 680 owners but rather those who purchased the previous generation series such as the GTX 580. They are obviously pushing this on AMD users as well,  promising a 30-percent increase in performance with 2,560 x 1,600 resoultion and high settings over the AMD 7970 GHz. Nvidia are mainly look aim the GTX 780 and the generation before the GTX 680.

The above picture does scream GTX Titan from the look and without noticed the GTX 780 branding, one would think it’s a Titan from simple glance.

nvidia gtx 780
Since the 780 uses the same heatsink for cooling as the Titan, it will also be as silent as the Titan as well. Below the base specs for the GTX 780

  • Base clock: 863MHz
  • Memory: 3GB of 384-bit GDDR5
  • TFLOPs: 4.0
  • CUDA cores: 2,304
  • Wattage: 250W

The GTX 780 includes extra abilities such as Shadowplay which takes advantage of the on-board H.264 encoder giving you the ability to record gameplay with ease. While the GTX 780 isn’t being pushed on GTX 680 owners, it does offer near Titan performance which easily beats the GTX 680 in performance by a massive distance.

The Nvidia GTX 780 is available today from all the typical retailers for around £549 and around €650. Check out the press release below for more information.

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New NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 GPU Leads the Industry with the Fastest Frame Rates and Super-Smooth Animation for Next Generation Gaming

SANTA CLARA, Calif.-23rd May, 2013-NVIDIA today introduced the GeForce® GTX™ 780 GPU, the latest evolution in elite-class GPUs, which delivers jaw-dropping performance and silky smooth visuals for the next generation of PC gaming titles – including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4.

In addition, NVIDIA has released to production the NVIDIA GeForce Experience™ software, which delivers to GeForce gamers the industry’s best gaming drivers, advanced features and optimal playable settings with the convenience of single click operation.

Designed for gaming enthusiasts, the GeForce GTX 780 boasts a massively powerful Kepler GPU with 2,304 cores and 3GB of high-speed GDDR5 memory – each 50 percent more than its predecessor.(1)

The GeForce GTX 780 supports NVIDIA’s latest array of gaming technologies, including PhysX® and NVIDIA TXAA™, while the newest GeForce drivers reduce frame time variations to provide smoother frame delivery and a richer overall experience. And for those gamers who demand the very best, NVIDIA SLI® technology – the industry’s preeminent multi-GPU solution – scales to deliver even higher levels of performance.

“The GeForce GTX 780 delivers the fastest frame-rate and smoothest animation at a value never before seen in PC gaming,” said Scott Herkelman, general manager of the GeForce business unit at NVIDIA. “This level of performance allows gamers to become fully immersed into a game the way the developers originally intended.”

To satisfy gamer demands for greater customisation and overclocking options, the GeForce GTX 780 includes NVIDIA GPU Boost™ 2.0 technology, which automatically increases the GPU’s clock speeds for enhanced performance, while adding temperature target and fan controls, as well as extra over-voltage headroom and optimisations for advanced water-cooling solutions.

A high-quality cast exterior aluminium frame and high-efficiency vapour chamber cooling – the most sophisticated thermal solution NVIDIA has created – contribute to the exotic design of the card. With GeForce GTX 780, form meets function with uncompromising acoustic performance as well for near silent gaming operation.

“The GeForce GTX 780 thermal solution is the most sophisticated we’ve ever created,” said Andrew Bell, vice president of engineering at NVIDIA. “The human ear detects not just sound intensity, but also sudden variations in noise levels. For this reason, we created brand new adaptive temperature controllers to reduce unnecessary fan speed variations and deliver beautifully silent operation. This makes the GeForce GTX 780 an awesome choice for powering enthusiast-class PCs including desktop gaming towers as well as the new breed of sexy, small form-factor PCs.”

Easy Optimisation With NVIDIA GeForce Experience
Available exclusively to GeForce gamers, the beta version of NVIDIA GeForce Experience software has been used by more than 1.5 million people since the beginning of the year. Now released to production, GeForce Experience is the perfect complement to the GeForce GTX 780’s raw horsepower.

GeForce Experience automatically configures the 3D setting for each game to ensure the best experience based on the system configuration. It notifies gamers of software updates and automatically installs GeForce Game Ready™ drivers so gamers can maximise the performance of their GeForce GPUs and enjoy the latest PC games the day they are released.

Availability and Pricing
The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 GPU is available now from the world’s leading add-in card suppliers, including ASUS, EVGA, Gainward, KFA2, Gigabyte, Inno3D, MSI, Palit, PNY, Point of View and Zotac. For more information on where to buy please visit http://www.geforce.co.uk/landing-page/geforce-gtx-780-where-to-buy. Partner participation will vary by region. Pricing is expected to start at £549 inc VAT.
For more information on how GeForce GTX GPUs are dramatically changing the way games are played, visit www.geforce.co.uk. The NVIDIA Flickr page hosts the entire lineup of GeForce product photos.

Since 1993, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) has pioneered the art and science of visual computing. The company’s technologies are transforming a world of displays into a world of interactive discovery – for everyone from gamers to scientists, and consumers to enterprise customers. More information at http://nvidianews.nvidia.com and http://blogs.nvidia.com.


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