Review: Noctua NF-F12 Fan

Review time and this time we have the new Noctua NF-F12 fan, Anyone who doesn’t know about Noctua is simply not up to speed about just how awesome there fans are, they are known for there low noise yet powerful fans. Noctua don’t just release a new fan for the sake of it, when they release a new fan. It’s because they make some serious improvements. This fan release is no different. Check out the quick intro video to have an idea of the new fans improvements.

As you can see from the video, there are a quite a few enhancements to this model fan compared to other versions. The introduction of the SSO2 bearing systems see an increase in stability and longevity by creating a more balanced bearing system that uses less power by doesn’t sacrifice performance.

Let’s check out what comes in the box before we take a more in depth look at it’s performance.

The package is identical to all previous fans from Notcua, it’s is well secure comes packed with some extras. Such as rubber inserts for secureing it instead of using the standard screws, which are also supplied.

Like every fan from Noctua, they always include an array of extra cables for different rigs, there is an extension cable if the original cable on the fan isn’t long enough, the Y-cable is for attaching two fans to one header and a Low noise adaptor, this will cut off 3v from the power which inturn means a drop of 300rpm from 1500rpm to 1200rpm.

The F12 fan in the typical colours of Noctua, the fan comes with pre-installed vibration absorbing pads on each corner 0f the fan. this helps prevent vibrations and contains stability in the fan. this fan has notcies and gruves everyone which help airflow and decrease noise, the amount of research that Noctua have put into this to keep it’s airflow high and noise down is staggering.


That’s pretty much for it for the Intro, Content and Design,  check out the next page for the Specifications, performance and see how it preforms on the Corsair H100.


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