iPad 3 leak hints at thinner edges and 8MP camera, Retina Panel at 2048 x 1536 resolution

Forever always will there be rumors leading the release of a new gadget, This year is no different with the iPad yearly release date coming up. The rumors are starting to come in, All to be taken with an ever so slight pinch of salt. Word is that the newest iPad will have a kind of smoother edge finish, But that is the least of the rumor. It’s also set to pack an 8MP camera. Now of course there is no way of knowing if this is true. While it makes sense for Apple to of course bump the camera specs, But will 8MP be the specs the iPad 3 will house.

The iPad getting a Retina display, That rumor has been going every since the Retina display was first released with the iPhone 4, Alot of people suspected the iPad 2 to contain a Retina display, But sadly enough it was the same resolution as the original iPad. That being said, The iPad 3 is primed for an update in resolution with other Android tablets bringing out higher resolution panels every year. It’s definitely time that Apple upped the pixels on the iPad.

Let’s hope it’s not to long before the announcement, But like always with apple, It’s generally a week or before release.

Source: MacRumors

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