Removal of Kinect GPU reserve allows Destiny to run at full 1080p@30fps

Xbox without Kinect
It has been confirmed that Destiny will be running full 1080p@30fps on the Xbox One and it’s all thanks to the new June SDK that gives developers the ability to utilize all of the Xbox One’s resource. Previously, 10-percent of the Xbox One’s GPU power was reserved for Kinect itself and since Microsoft launched a Kinect-less version of the Xbox One, the 10-percent reserve was no longer being used on those consoles. The new SDK gives developers access to the complete potential of the Xbox One and puts mroe control in their hands. Developers can choose which direction to go and users won’t have to disconnect their Kinect or do anything. Sunset overdrive has also been confirmed to use the extra 10-percent to reach higher resolutions, so it looks like more developers will follow this pattern to provide higher quality games on the Xbox One console.

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