Parrot AR Drone 2.0, More Sensors, 720p Camera

Parrot sure have been busy cooking up there next AR Drone. The latest creation comes directly from CES 2012. The new A.R Drone has got some great new features to show off. Parrot have been listening to feedback from its customer base and have decided to add those most wanted abilities.

The 720p camera is the first thing you will notice about the new AR drone, Giving you the ability to not only enjoy controlling the drone in HD but now recording aswell. Parrot have added the ability to record and upload your videos with the A.R Drone, Not only that they have also included a kind of instruction mode giving you the option to have the drone automatically fly in specific pattern or direction.

The didn’t just stop there and decided to add some more features for stability. They have packed in a bunch of new sensors like a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis magnetometer and a pressure sensor. All these sensors give a much more stable experiance in flying the drone. THey also included ultrasound sensors to analyse flight altitude up to 6 meters.

The new controls give you exactly that, CONTROL!! They have re-designed the application to give the user more control over the drone itself. They have also included a new mode called Absolute Control. This mode gives the user a more intuitive piloting system.

The 3-axis magnetometer on the A.R drone 2.0 allows the drone to knows its precise orientation in relation to the smartphone, Which then becomes a reference point. This means the pilot no longer needs to care about the orientation of the Drones front camera as it will accurately track the smartphone motions and tilt.

Parrot of stated that even with all additions like more sensors and better camera, The battery life will remain the same , Meaning you still get the same amount of time out of it as you did with the original AR Drone, But with more features. Check out the video below to see the AR Drone 2.0 in action for youself.

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