Netflix have officially launched in Ireland and the U.K

Netflix have officially launched in Ireland and the U.K the price for the online subscription is exactly as expected with €6.99 for Ireland per month and £5.99 for the U.K. Netflix is a giant hit in the U.S giving customers the ability to stream any film or TV show in the Netflix repository as much as they want for the subscription charge each month.

I have been using the service for the last few hours and i must say, It’s pretty great, The quick access and style is very easy to use and they do have a massive catalogue to choose from, I must say it was fun watching a few episodes of south park on the fly, Even though i have all there seasons on dvd, It was just so quick to start watching it, Which is a great feature of netflix.

The service starts with a free 1 month trial giving you the ability to try before you buy and you are free to cancel it before the free trial is over, But to be honest, If you watch tv or films, It’s something you will want to use for a long time.

Source: Netflix Ireland

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