OXY starts crowd funding for new SmartWatch


OXY have just kicked off their crowd funding campaign on indiegogo for their first line of Android Wear Smartwatches. While the market is getting flooded with more and more SmartWatches, the style, spec and affordability are all contributing factors for every new intelligent time piece that launches.

The SmartWatch design comes in to fashion with either a rectangle shape, or more traditional circle. The housing is 316L CNC fnished stainless steel and the watch itself has Corning Gorilla glass for protection. The display is AMOLED, and the unit is powered by the MIPS M200 chipset with 1GB of Memory and 8GB of storage.

The device will be running Android Wear, and along with the Companion app is stated to support virtually any phone, although that mostly means devices running  Android™ 4.3 or higher, iOS© 8 or higher and Windows 10 (all via Bluetooth).

Some more details of the device for your pleasure.

  • OXY is made of CNC finished 316L Stainless Steel
  • You can execute any application compiled for Android Lollipop 5.1.1 and most of the applications compiled for Android WEAR
  • All perks include US, EU and UK USB chargers and if mentioned, the OXY Docking Station
  • OXY includes a 1 year limited warranty on hardware issues and full support for ELF OS SDK (Software Development Kit) released by Ingenic Semiconductors
  • The code is available for Download on an Open Source BitBucket repository and maintained by the OXY Team and Ingenic Semiconductors
  • The price of our perks is exclusive to this Indiegogo campaign
  • Free applications and WatchFaces will be available online using the OXY companion app

The campaign starts off with some great special prices with the OXY Basic Super Early Bird starting at $199 – which is 35-percent cheaper than the retail unit, but we there is a good few tiers which offer a lot of extras and accessories.

The SmatWatch is set to ship in July, assuming you pledge early enough in the campaign, which is also set to end 60 days from now.

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